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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

djjohnr13 wrote:

Fallen Tree at Sunrise - Briones
85mm f/2.0 AIS


philipj wrote:

Speaking of, here's a shot with the 105mm f/1.8 AI-s at f/4, through the window of an art gallery on Queen St West in Toronto.

Very nice, Philip

Kevin - you're getting the 80-200 to talk now - love the holly and the (palm ?) frond

raboof wrote:
I took a few shots today at a local greenhouse. 135mm f2.0

Both are lovely

wapsijims wrote:

There isn't too else but the eagles to shoot in January in Iowa (no snow even). We did have a little freezing rain so I ran out and took these with my 105 Ai.


Welcome Jim - nice first posts here.

CGrindahl wrote:
djjohnr13 wrote:

My dear friends baby is about four months old, so I understand what you're going through. Congratulations on your baby. Here is a photo I've posted before of Ansel, my friend's boy held by my god-daughter... shot with the 85 f/1.8 H AI'd.

Well worth another look, Curtis

Jose - that "out of focus" tail on the Tanager is sharper than most of my "perfectly focused" images with any lens!

Foggy14 wrote:
A winter storm brought out the kite surfers. Cheers, Jeff.

Great shots! We'll have to call you Seamaster soon

Jan 28, 2013 at 06:46 AM

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