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Re: 6D Owners' Longer-term Impressions?

paulfeng wrote:
Oldraven wrote:


The wifi is another welcome bonus: it remotely triggers my Yongnuo RF multi-flash setup perfectly via an ipod touch.


This kind of setup is news to me. A quick search didn\'t immediately lead me to a discussion of how this works - could you point me in the right direction, and/or explain (at least briefly) here?


First step is to dowload & install the free app \"EOS Remote\". I got that from Apple\'s APP Store. (I think my 3rd gen ipod touch is the oldest hardware that works with this app. Newer ipods, iphones, & ipads are also good to go, naturally). Once you\'ve downloaded the app into itunes, your next sync will put it into your ipod/phone/pad. Then you get the 6D\'s WiFi to recognize & talk to the i/device via EOS remote, at which time the i/device becomes a surrogate controller for the 6D, with the device\'s screen substituting for the camera\'s LCD back (Live View on the i/device, for example). A virtual shutter button is now provided on the i/device for triggering the camera.

I can be standing 100\' feet away from the camera and set & change ratios for the flashes & trigger them without ever having to walk back to the camera, something I find very useful. (Function compatibilty varies with flash model, e.g. 430EX II is fully functional, while the 430EX can\'t set ratios remotely, and so on...). I should note that I\'m using Yongnuo 622C transceivers...no idea about the functionality of other RF units.

I think EOS remote is also available in another ios for non-Apple devices, but I am totally ignorant on that subject. Hope this primer helps. As for links, arghh, I researched a whole lot of sources in re compatibility and functionality of this setup, and can\'t remember any of them. Perhaps someone else can contribute here.

Jan 22, 2013 at 11:09 PM

  Previous versions of Oldraven's message #11291387 « 6D Owners' Longer-term Impressions? »