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Conrad Tan
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Ode to our loved ones! (20)

My friends,

This is a little post for the loved ones in our lives who have put up with us over the years while we engage in our ridiculous little hobby! We get up at 4AM and are gone until long after dark. Then when we get home we don\'t even talk much as we hurriedly off load our treasured files onto our computers. Then as the loves of our lives bring us dinner, we stare blankly into our screens and click-click-click into the wee hours of the morning. We talk mostly about photography, we buy mostly photography gear, we take calls and texts all day long from other crazy photographers about tips, locations, general nonsense, and even involve photography in every single damn vacation. If there is any group of people who deserve a tribute post to, its to the ones we see at the end of our days. To them, I say thank you with all our hearts for supporting our crazy a$$ hobby!

1. Barn Owl says.... DIVE!! DIVE!!

2. Precariously perched Loggerhead Shrike!

3. Full Frame Long Eared Owl

4. Thank you Chad for the Chad Action here!

5. Double trouble with these Cedar Waxwings!

6. Hiked a mile straight up a hill for this Lazuli Bunting... ....

7. You lookin at ME?!? This is the look I get sometimes when I get home late

8. Lay in duck poop time! Poor girlfriend washes and washes all my stinky clothes. Thanks honey!

9. Traveled all the way to Ray Barlow\'s BIF workshop for this one!

10. Red-Headed Sapsucker

11. One of my first images from 2009! Allen\'s Hummingbird taken with Tim Foltz at San Joaquin!

12. So cute! Semipalmated Plover bathing.

13. Banking all the way to the bank!

14. Fergie the Ferruginous Hawk (a local celeb!)

15. Backside show from this Say\'s Phoebe

16. Backside-lookback from my trained Whitetail Kites!

17. Learned about low angle work this day many years ago with Ant shooting this Wood Duck.

18. Bankus Maximus!!

19. My favorite hood ornament style photograph

20.Sometimes, its the little things that make us the happiest! Crown up on this Ruby Crowned Kinglet!

Jan 22, 2013 at 05:36 PM

  Previous versions of Conrad Tan's message #11290543 « Ode to our loved ones! (20) »