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Re: Stolen Gear

Rodney, Thanks again - well thought out stuff.

Few more comments and clarifications on my part.

(1) I have the second floor of the building. The lock box was on hand rail at top of stairs. There is nobody up here to look over shoulders. No walkins, no retails, just a staircase from parking lot up here. No people up here not related to my business except one day a month when an outside crew comes by and sweeps the steps and parking lots.

(2) Outside of keyholders I mentioned the only spare key was at my place around the corner. No tag on it indicating what it is. Tossed in a jar used to hold pens and pencils. Housekeeper has been with me almost 4 year and I have no indication she is ever looking in bottom of that jar.

(3) Landlord has office below me. See him often. He is a rather popular accident reconstruction engineer. He also owns several buildings around here and resort / vacation rental homes in mountain ski areas. He has two gals in his office. One that been there 12 years if wife of local police officer. The newer gal been there about 1 year and is daughter of first gal - thus daughter of police officer.

Truth is that a police car is in our lot often as he comes by on coffee breaks and brings take-out when wife works late.

Landlord had been keeping a key in a grey wall mount key box sort of like used by a valet service or something. It includes keys to this build, and the other two nearby. I gave a key in July because after that lock change his building master (like a cleaning service would have) wouldn\'t work.

He doesn\'t have one now - after the most recent lock change.

Yesterday we talked in his office for an extended time and he report that these two incidents are just the second and third while owning these buildings 16 years+. The previous was across the street at a building now a pet supply store. It was ground level and entry through a window about 8 years ago.

Nikon user for his business needs.

(4) Crime level is very low here. Police department is real close. Its a historic district with cool places to eat and shop. No rowdy bars, strip clubs, etc.

(5) Both times I think I did a great job showing the patrol officer(s) what happened. Showed them my inventory spreadsheets, gave them serial numbers, printed out receipt copies from Amazon and Audorama so they had exact descriptions. In the case of the 70-200 one of my guys had found a unit on Craigslist for only $900 in a town 60 miles away and we printed that out for them.

(6) I am a bit confused by you stating I should trust the employees more. Prior to the first incident everybody working here had access by key or key box. After the first accident and lock change they all got the same access - by key or key box. Meaning, I have trusted them fully and continued to after the first incident.

Only now have I taken a second look at that. Everybody here - building owner, lawyer, and the patrol officer all agree or feel that its likely an \"inside job\". Remember, keys changed - but second incident happened less than 2 weeks later. No broken windows. No pry marks on doors. No marks on lock box. And, in both incidents they took specific items - not just an arm load.

They took the most expensive or newest camera in the place and the most expensive or newest lens in the place both times.

Very unlikely that its a stranger walking by the office, coming up stairs, getting in without a key or leaving marks, looking through all the bodies, and selecting one (in December) or walking past bodies, stepping over lighting cases and digging in the black bag for one item (most recent incident).

Jan 22, 2013 at 12:40 AM

  Previous versions of JimmyStephans's message #11288924 « Stolen Gear »