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Thoughts on this colorful shot?

ben egbert wrote:
First let me say that I like the image and especially the redo by Jim and your last one.

Any image can be changed in photoshop and if you post it here it will be, its the reason for this forum to exist.

On downsizing. I am pretty sure the image from your camera is larger than the 800 or so pixels wide presented here. No matter where it was downsized between capture and presentation, Jim\'s remarks stand.

Here is something I wrote on the subject.


Oh, so its like an automatic thing?

I posted from flickr and selected the 1024 size. You know, since you can choose small, med, large and then a couple other different variations. So since i only chose (1024 x 694), ill agree, it is downsized. The originally is 4305 x 2918 wide. Is this the wrong way to upload it online ina smaller size? the large size wont even fit on laptops or smaller screens....

Ill look atwhat you posted now.

So, back to the photo... Did the 2nd redition i posted come out better, where i backed the reds off? I think thats more natural. The other one someone tired was too back off and not what it looked like since as i said, the original has a ton of red/orange color in it . Maybe i should back it off just a tad bit more? Sorry im asking for so much help, but i love how i took a different approach to an overly shot area and tried something new. I want to print it for my wall/ parents, so this is why im trying to make it look as best a can

Jan 20, 2013 at 04:37 PM

  Previous versions of zippylock's message #11284872 « Thoughts on this colorful shot? »