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Re: Stolen Gear

cgardner wrote:
The photo of the door is the exterior one? On the door knob latch you can see the second locking pin I mentioned previously. If the storeroom door knob latch doesn\'t have that locking pin it could be bypassed by anyone with a old credit card in 5 sec. without leaving a mark.

That would widen the possibilities beyond the \"key\" suspects and eliminate the locksmith as a one. They don\'t stay in business long if they do B&E on the side.

That photo is outside door. All three outside doors have same set-up. The person that did this had a key to those doors - no other way in.

Based on him having that key - he was a trusted person (or the locksmith). If I trusted enough to give key to entire office he would also have access to that room.

I must explain - that office, which I casually call \"The Camera Room\", is also used for packing / shipping / mail-order. We walk in and out of it dozens of times daily. We ship about 50+ packages a week and the other half of the room is the shipping area. The photo below is taken from the shelf near the camera bodies facing that other half so you can see what I mean.

Having that room super secure would be tough. As I mentioned just above. I travel a bunch and employees need in that room often.

Jan 20, 2013 at 04:36 PM

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