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Re: Stolen Gear

bigfredtn wrote:
Is that room on the main level? Could someone walk by your office and look into that room? That room is not secure enough for me especially when your gear is in plain view.

I\'m on second floor.

No, people can\'t walk by and see into that room.

The window shown in 2nd photo is about 18 feet above a parking lot. I guess persons in the office building next door could look in with binoculars from their second floor.

The room is up a hall from reception area. That door is across hall from my office. The door to the room is wooden, but all those going into building area metal with metal frames, two locks on each.

I could lock that door - but if it they can get past the thicker metal doors and locks I guess this wooden door wouldn\'t be much.

Jan 20, 2013 at 12:07 AM

  Previous versions of JimmyStephans's message #11283261 « Stolen Gear »