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Re: Stolen Gear


Agreed. the two ale employees and the locksmith are the only real suspects. I expect to have more news this coming week. I want polygraph. Lawyer is not sure I can force employees to take one under Colorado law. I only got a few minutes with him Friday but first thing Monday morning he\'ll be here and we\'ll decide what I can and can\'t do.

All I know for sure is that as of 01/04/13 there are only 6 people with key access (assuming locksmith made a copy) so the list is short.

It was clearly done by somebody with a key and somebody that was comfortable being in that room more than a few seconds to open boxes, select certain items, etc. Just like somebody that knew I wouldn\'t be around that date / time.

Jan 19, 2013 at 10:42 PM

  Previous versions of JimmyStephans's message #11283057 « Stolen Gear »