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Re: Another First Post and Intro

Thank you guys so much for the advice and the warm welcome! I promise to take no offense to any smart-aleck-ness, I'm pretty good at reading sarcasm font

Regarding images 1, 3, and 5 respectively:

1- This is one of my favorite personal images. It is of my daughter, directly after she took a header into a snowbank on her sled. I've debated with myself whether or not I should try to tone down the redness, the only editing here is a WB correction and minimal sharpening. Fun fact, this was taken with a Canon G15.

3 - This one doesn't sit quite right with me either, but I'm not quite sure what I did or how to fix it. I know I did some sharpening on her eyes, lips, and hair; did some spot healing and ran a brush over her skin to smooth blemishes (maybe too much?) and I'm fairly certain I made the all too common mistake of over-whitening her eyes?

4 - This was under some streetlights that had a mean yellow cast. I've struggled immensely with getting the white balance right, and in the process have done a number on her skin tone. This one is probably the one that screams the loudest to me that I need a calibrator

Jan 19, 2013 at 03:26 AM

  Previous versions of LMMphoto's message #11281310 « Another First Post and Intro »