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Mark Metternich
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On TV!!!

I cant believe it, but I\'m going to be on TV! I honestly feel an incredible sense of gratitude to be able to be featured on my friend Dan Sherwood\'s Television Program \"Oregon Photo Adventure.\" A small clip from the episode, of our adventures can be found at my WEBSITE. Among other things, we go IN THE BOWL at Punchbowl Falls and it is absolutely roaring!!! The show is going to air on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) this year. Dates and times, I don\'t know yet, but as soon as I do I will let FM folks know.

Dan is awesome! As laid back and nice as a human could ever be. His knowledge and love for the outdoors, nature and photography is unparalleled. Below are a few photos. Not the best I have produced, obviously, but I had to produce them on the fly (within a day) specifically for the show. Usually, I spend much more time with my subject-matter! Lastly, I really wanted to do a much more radical adventure, but my ideas were declined due to the cameraman not willing to take it as far. Maybe that could be my own show in the future?

Jan 19, 2013 at 02:45 AM

  Previous versions of Mark Metternich's message #11281214 « On TV!!! »