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Stolen Gear


I\'ve had TWO serious thefts at my Littleton, Colorado (80120) office in the past 6 weeks. Local police do not seem to be putting in any serious effort to locate the bad guys.

Please keep your eyes open. I\'m offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the capture of the person that did this.

Incident #1

December 29th I discovered a Canon 1Ds MK-II (311643), Canon 85mm/1.8 (42700991) and a Canon 70-200 / 2.8 II (8658014136) missing from my camera room.

I don\'t shoot that often and they might have been taken any time between November 27th and the date I discovered them missing.

The 1Ds MK-II had the 85mm attached. Whats unique about this is that the shelf it was on also held five 1D bodies, a 1Ds, a 5D, a T1i and a Canon point & shoot. Only the body that had a lens attached was taken.

The lens shelf held another 85mm/1.8, two 50mm/1.8 and a 70-200 / 2.8 (older model). From that shelf only the 70-200/2.8 newer model was taken. It was taken out of the box and the box placed back on the shelf.

The next shelf - 1 inch to the right - holds video gear - including small GoPro cameras and a $3000 JVC HD system, plus boxes of mics and transmitters. None of which was taken.

Reported to Littleton Police Department and all locks and deadbolts changed that day.

Incident #2

Today we discovered a Canon 5D MK-III (072023802473), Canon BG-E11 Grip (0801019964) and a Sigma 85mm / 1.4 EX DG (13195873) missing.

All of these items are new - delivered between 12/28/12 and 01/02/13.

This gear was used at a Denver area location Sunday and returned to the office that evening. It was in a large Tamrac bag, with lens and grip mounted to the 5D MK-III. The bag also held a 1Ds body with Canon 85mm mounted, and smaller items - chargers, extra batteries, CF cards in cases, etc.

Monday was a snowboarding day. That evening the bag was opened and CF cards removed from both bodies to import to computer. The bag was left on the floor with both cameras inside.

Tuesday was also a snowboarding day. Wednesday I was in office but working on images and website stuff. Didn\'t visit the camera room. Thursday was spent running models to airport and making last run through the location (rented mansion) to pick up other gear (strobes, snowboarding gear we had rented, etc.).

Today, Friday the 18th, I started unpacking all the camera bags and lighting cases. The 5D MK-III, with grip and lens attached, was missing.

They / he left the bag, with the 1Ds / 85mm, and the bag next to it with the JVC HD Camcorder.

To get to the bags on they walked past the packed gear shelves mentioned above.

No pry marks on doors. No broken windows. I\'m in the Littleton Historic District, about 1/4 miles from Littleton Police Department. Its a second floor office of 2000 SQ FT.

Naturally I suspect somebody with a key - but the only other person outside of myself with a key was with me in Keystone or running the errands, almost always by my side between time camera last seen and today.

Tuesday evening I was running late on Photoshop work and website updates. I was at computer until 1:00am Wednesday and slept in the break room (next to camera room). Don\'t think it happened that night but again - I was not in the camera room between Monday evening and today.


I\'m offering a $1000 reward for the capture of the person that did this.

Incident #1 is known as Report #2012-6954

Incident #2 is known as Report #2013-0312

If you have any information please call the Littleton, Colorado Police at 303-794-1551 and reference those report numbers.

You are also welcome to call me directly at 1-877-686-5393.


Jan 18, 2013 at 11:06 PM

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