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Re: 7D compared to 5D3

While I think it is a great thing to be comparing performance on real targets as opposed to shooting $ bills and charts, so kudos to Markle for that, the difficulty of such comparison is significant because, in this particular example, the shag might have moved, twitched, the light might have changed between shots, etc.

(1) I do not think either shot is sharp enough for 500 II + 1.4xTC capability. Can\'t tell if it is due to misfocussing, camera/lens shake, the bird twitching or whatever.
(2) The true ugly nature of 7D files at ISO 1600 are not shown enough because the enlargement crops are moderate, and not much dark areas \"lifting\" was involved.
(3) 7D ought show more detail on perfectly focussed shots and @ low ISO. However, that is like saying I will live for ever unless I die of an illness. 5D3 is a much better focusing camera and it handles high ISO much better......and that makes it a much better camera than 7D in most situations.

Jan 18, 2013 at 12:47 PM

  Previous versions of PetKal's message #11279347 « 7D compared to 5D3 »