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Nikon D600 jpegs have greater latitude than raw from many other cameras

Dear all,

I have to make a confession.

I have been doing all sorts of wrong things with my Nikon D600, like walking around, taking casual shots with the wrong lenses, without a tripod, without watching the histogram - and even shooting jpeg, medium quality

Funny thing is that, despite this, I have been completely overwhelmed about the image quality. And I noticed a few things which were new to me, and (as far as I can find out) are new to the collected Internet wisdom on these cameras.

For example, you can push shadows an extra couple of steps even from your jpeg pictures. This is a jpg straight out of the camera, Nikon D600, 50 mm f/1,8 Ai-S pancake lens shot in A mode @ f/2,8.
Matrix metering, no exposure compensation
Camera chose 1/3200 s and ISO 100. ADL set to Auto, picture control Standard, Saturation +1

The picture was taken in Stockholm, September 2012, afternoon light with strong backlight and very harsh contrasts which is the reason that it came out a little underexposed. (Or maybe the exposure is fine, this depends on what you want - we cannot allow histograms to decide our exposures, can we?)

This is the same jpeg picture 12 seconds later, pushing shadows:

To cover it all I started a blog called Nikonsystem - I am trying to cover this, and a lot more than I can ever write in a forum on FM and besides, the blog allowed me to post a few pictures. (I hope it works, as I am usually not active in forums!)

This is not commercial, but just written for my own fun and I will add at least a handful of more posts. So, if anyone is interested the blog can be found here: http://nikonsystem.blogspot.com

My hope is to start a iscussion here at FM, and I believe it could be interesting. I know there are many qualified persons among you readers out there - please fill in, agree, protest or just have your say. But most of all, I would be interested if you test the same things on your cameras, with your lenses, your exposure, your settings and your post-processing software!

Please note that this is just a start. I am planning on writing a lot more about this, and also other aspects of the D600 (+ D800) jpeg capabilities.

So much has happened with these latest FX cameras, the D800 and D600, that it might be time to completely reconsider how you use your camera.



Jan 14, 2013 at 09:22 PM

  Previous versions of retrocyclist's message #11269418 « D600 has greater dynamic range in jpg than other cameras do in raw »