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Re: Metabones Speedbooster

alwang wrote:
Could someone help me understand this technology better? If you attach, say, a full-frame 35 1.4 to it:

- I assume it will have the field of view and Dof as if you had attached it to a full frame camera?

Yes! You will get use of the full image circle, that gets diminished to only cover APS-C.

- Does using the Speed Booster actually result in more photons of light striking the NEX APS-C sensor than without the SpeedBooster? i.e, is it actually \"faster\" (from a light gathering perspective) than using that lens on NEX without an adapter?
Yes! The converter shortens the focal length while the entrance pupil stays the same.

- Is that number of photons essentially the same amount that would strike the sensor if you attached the lens to a full-frame camera? So from a light-gathering perspective, it\'s not \"faster\" than a full-frame f1.4, it\'s the same?
Yes! You will get as many photons in total as if you used the lens on FF. Which means about one stop more on APS-C than usual with the same lens.

What you get is a device that makes up for the smaller sensor, but at the cost of some optical aberrations, I presume. Could be very well worth it since there are no FF alternatives to a NEX with manual focus lenses for example.

Jan 14, 2013 at 05:38 PM

  Previous versions of Makten's message #11268729 « Metabones Speed Booster »