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HS Swimming & Basketball

This was my first time shooting swimming. Our HS is undefeated and faced the undefeated arch-rivals. Neck and neck all meet, but our HS prevailed 86-84 to to go to 11-0 overall (7-0 league).

Shot RAW for a change; cooled these down a lot. Looked like a total dork w/ my knee pads on but 2 hours on my knees on the hard tile was tolerable with them.

No diving unfortunately, maybe in the sectionals.




3. Team support on the turn



Then our undefeated boys basketball met another undefeated team...we won 82-63 and will face the other undeafeted team shortly.

6. Some JV love



9. Went wide to show the green laces and green in the crowd - honoring a 7th grader w/ the last name Green who unexpectedly passed away a year ago.


11. Our soph center...31 points to go with 21 rebounds, 10 blocked shots and 7 assists, not a bad night

Jan 14, 2013 at 05:11 PM

  Previous versions of Aqualung's message #11268661 « HS Swimming & Basketball »