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Re: Cheer Photos: Why? Why Not? ...

Russ - I hope you get some interesting and thoughtful replies. Although with some here being concerned about clients, employers, or spouses finding their post with a Google search you may not get what you would in a private conversation.

Higher level sports have traditionally been for and about men (although that is changing from HS volleyball up to the Olympics) and men are attracted to pretty girls. Cheerleaders are a part of the sports scene from Pop Warner on up. I live in Dallas and we have arguably the most recognizable and famous cheer squad in this part of the galaxy. With the huge video monitor at Cowboy Stadium this spectacle is a little hard to miss. If you are shooting an event with cheerleaders present then NOT documenting the cheerleaders is to not document the complete presentation of the event. It doesn\'t make sense.

I believe in intelligent design. I believe God built man to be on the lookout for the most stimulating and promising mate that will deliver the highest chance for successful reproduction. Both consciously and unconsciously (the looking out part... not the reproduction). This explains the unpopularity among men of Rosie O\'Donnell.

My wife would say I am unconscious a lot of the time but for instance I may be walking into a post office with my mind on some business situation, and out of nowhere my head turns to get a better look at a female walking away from me. This is not a conscious decision on my part - it the the subconscious mate-selection gene at work. I can\'t possibly be the only one.

Part of that intelligent design is that each of us has a unique subset of features that we find attractive (Playmate of the Month notwithstanding). For that reason cheerleader A that you find attractive may not be all that interesting to me. Maybe it is the eyes, the hair, the shape of her face, her body proportions, or some combination that does it but I believe The Designer intended this to be the case so that all males are not attracted to the same female (Megan Fox).

Thus - it is natural for you to be attracted to concentrate on one or two cheerleaders to the relative exclusion of the others. Being the professional that you are you recognize that a saleable image trumps personal attraction most of the time. When the two become one then all is right with the world, eh? Superficial? No. Genetic? Yes.

Me? Well, let\'s just say that what it takes The Bachelor an entire season to accomplish, I could do in about 5 minutes with 25 bikinis. Superficial? No. Efficient? Yes!

OK, yeah I\'m superficial.

Jan 12, 2013 at 05:09 AM

  Previous versions of dwerther's message #11262339 « Cheer Photos: Why? Why Not? ... »