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Re: Sell 5D2 and 1D4 for 5D3?

Jo, I recently went through the same query as you... but I was not as well equipped. I tend to shoot the same subjects as you and have similar gear... 300 f2.8L IS, 100macro L, 24 f3.5L, etc...
I shoot landscapes, nature (general) and wildlife. I travel abroad to shoot wildlife and lead tours to Costa Rica. I have been using a 5D II and & 7D. My wife has a 7D and a nice set of L lenses as well. After getting frustrated with the low-light AF performance of the 7D and poor AF performance of the 5D ii, I decided I was going to make a switch. My options all involved the addition of cash, but I was committed to a change. Here were the choices:
1. My 5D2 + 7D + $ = Low mileage 1D iv (recall my wife has a 7D that I would be able to access)
2. My 5D2 + 7D + $ = 5D iii

I wrestled with the decision and almost backed down... my bodies were clean and had many years of life still in them.
In the end, I went for the 5D iii. I immediately had buyers remorse until I used the camera. The AF system is brilliant! I didn\'t believe that the AF system was as good or as useful as everyone claimed... I was a certified denier. I was damn wrong!... very damn wrong!! Great AF matters more than I knew. Second... the sensor in the 5D iii is much cleaner and than the 5D 2 or 7D. Maybe its that the images are in sharp focus or maybe it\'s a sensor thing... I\'m not sure, but I\'ve been surprised by how good the camera has been.

The absence of a back-up has bugged me, so I picked up an old 40D for less than $300 for security, but I\'ve yet to use it. So far I have not missed the 1.6 crop, but I\'m sure that this will happen soon enough.

My guess... if I had a 1D iv and 5D ii, I would not make the change... these seem like a great match for my type of photography. Since I was not in your shoes, I decided to jump ship. While I love my 5D iii, it cost a lot to get there... and, if I had your camera set (1Div & 5D ii) I think I\'d take that over my 5D iii + 40D combo... not sure if this helped, but it\'s my honest opinion. Finally, if you want to see some wildlife work with my 5D iii = 300 f2.8L IS, check out these two blog posts...


Jan 11, 2013 at 02:36 AM

  Previous versions of OwlsEyes's message #11259364 « Sell 5D2 and 1D4 for 5D3? »