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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

georgms wrote:
NightOwl Cat wrote:
Some shots from downtown after I returned that book The last one, I immediately thought of several people here who would have missed the last line....

Very nice set, Laura! Sorry, can\'t read the last line - everything below \"Perfection has its price\" is just too small for my eyes

Very amusing shot Laura. Love the small pile of snow as well, I hope your car isn\'t under it. I like the dog\'s expression in the second of the dog shots too.

Georg - the lines underneath read
\"Always Enjoy Responsibly
(c) 2007 Import Brands Alliance
Importers of bottled beer & [something] [something] liquors\" (and then followed by an address I think)

Rafael - amazing setup on teh D800 and a great shot with it, what detail that camera and lens gives! The shot works really well with the rain behind the house giving it quite an atmosphere.

Monty - amazing shots of the dogs playing. Rocky looks quite the psycho, glad it\'s just friendly.

Americo - lovely bokeh with the 85mm. i like how you captured the lights through the mask\'s eyes in the second photo especially.

Tony - I like you series from your workplace. Giving monty\'s Webex shots a serious bit of competition.

Ben / Chin - Love your respective PCE panoramas. Ben, I hope that you and your family are not affected by the horrible bushfires there.

josh - great family portraits, and glad you are safely back from your service. I like the expression / pose of your daughter with the open hand and painted nails. lovely rendering by the lens too.

Kind regards,

Jan 10, 2013 at 10:52 AM

  Previous versions of MarkdV's message #11257279 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »