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Re: EF mount's obselences

scottam10 wrote:
Mirrorless cameras may have competitive image quality for static subjects,
However the tradeoff for the small size is poor ergonomics; it is very slow to change settings on a tiny body with a touchscreen, and the contrast detect AF used in mirrorless cameras can\'t keep up with fast moving subjects (eg sports)

I can\'t see SLRs going away any time soon

Small body ergonomics is the easiest issue to fix --- there\'s no reason that a mirrorless camera can\'t be made with a 1-series-style body/grip.

Technology for the other factors is rapidly catching up, and will eventually exceed SLR performance: EVFs that are bigger/brighter/clearer than OVFs (and work wirelessly off-camera); fast contrast AF that never misses focus; higher reliability with no moving parts; video-speed framerates; etc.

I expect (wild guess!) that in 5-10 years, Canon will have a \"1-series equivalent\" mirrorless attractive to professional users (and phase out new SLR development/production), and in 15-20 years will not support SLRs at all.

Jan 10, 2013 at 08:23 AM

  Previous versions of mpmendenhall's message #11257176 « EF mount's obselences »