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Re: Mamiya RZ67

Hello Ed, and thanks for your thoughts. I thought long and hard about the 110, but I find that its 50mm-equivalent focal length doesn\'t really pull me in. The 90mm is a 43mm-equivalent lens, which I find more interesting, hence my 65/90/127 plan. However, 127/75 might also work well for me. I am not so concerned with sharpness, to be honest, but much more with character. I have seen shots from many of these lenses, and they all look good to me, so I thought I would just have fun and see what I can find for little money.

Zalmy, I forgot that you use an RZ67, among other photos. I miss the updates of your kids, you haven\'t posted much lately.

Jan 09, 2013 at 09:21 PM

  Previous versions of carstenw's message #11255785 « Mamiya RZ67 »