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Re: Sigma DP2 Merrill: Have any of you tried it?

I bought this as my only camera, knowing the limitations with high ISO noise. It\'s what forces me to use ISO100 when possible. I\'m not keen to carry around several cameras to suit my needs, as I like to concentrate on subject, composition and exposure, not the camera itself.

It\'s not a question of whether I need to use full resolution image or not. The camera is marketed as ultimate compact tool for users concerned in absolute image quality. I rarely print my photos, and when I do, it\'s usually A4 size. I\'m happy to live with quirks and limitations that I knew beforehand, and was ready to cope with when selling my X100 to get this.

However, what I\'m not ready to accept, is either a clear fault in sensor/cooling design or a faulty sensor. The artifacts are visible when viewing an image fitted to full screen in Aperture (on 2880x1800 MBP monitor), and yes, it\'s distracting when it\'s noticeable in every image. It\'s already a question of double workflow first through SPP and then in Aperture. If I have to do this double workflow over and again in order to get banding minimized after checking the initial results (without compromising the resolution), it\'s a huge work and takes time.

It\'s a technical camera, comparable to medium format film cameras in some way. I\'m ready to accept limitations, and use it as a landscape camera with tripod and careful preparations. However, the sun doesn\'t rise at all here in Finland during the coldest winter time, and you really need long exposures even if using a higher ISO, which I for obvious reasons don\'t want to do. So maybe it\'s time I call it quits, sell the camera, and buy something else instead? I\'m not fond of the Sigma user experience, and the thing that makes me want to use it is final result, and final result only.

Jan 09, 2013 at 08:56 PM

  Previous versions of Jede's message #11255709 « Sigma DP2 Merrill: Have any of you tried it? »