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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

This is really one unique place within the blogsphere, everyone here is enjoying manual focus Nikon lenses, but more importantly looking for beauty and positive perception of our visual work. Some are better at engaging an interchange of ideas.

This particular post is a thank you note to all the participants, if only the rest of the world would share the joy of living as you do this earth would be a much better place.

Jose, just amazing technical competence and aesthetics, plus access to such interesting subjects.

John shows nature at its best, his landscape photos are unique and interesting.

Leighton, the aesthete philosofical farmer, creates balance beauty in common subjects.

Chuong is a light and composition master.

Ray, the light chaser, another finder of beauty and balance in composition

Ronny, capturing eternal moments so well, even of your dogs.

Philippe , so beautifully capturing the human and historical essence of France.

Mark, of a singular vision.

Georg with his expressive Germanic-Nordic views.

Tony (CA), building beauty into his sorroundings.

Laura, so adept at showing people doing what they love.

Monty transcends the world around him.

Philip with the Canadian Light.

Ben down under, where nothing is the same.

Jeff, harnessing sun rays.

Reagan, Rinnie, Dylan, Kevin, Lizzie, Adam, Mihai, David, Tony(W) and last but not least Curtis who started this on the right foot.

Thank you all for sharing.

Jan 07, 2013 at 04:44 AM

  Previous versions of rafaelcasd's message #11248328 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »