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Steve Wylie wrote:
It seems that your primary motivation for putting text on a business card or other printed piece is for people to take you seriously and to avoid their suspicions in the field. That, frankly, is an unusual motivation. If you handed folks a card with that image and the text \"Kent Southers Fine Art Photography\", I\'d bet they\'d be much more understanding of your motivation and your approach in the field.

I agree.
But it likely that your reasons are more complex.
BTW, I love the image. But I agree it is not representative of the style and content we usually see on FM.
I think the slogan is problematic. Yes, an excellent statement of the constant striving to improve our art, but that does not make for a concise selling point. Instead it implies that you have not arrived.
You have arrived. You are emphasizing always going further.


Jan 05, 2013 at 01:19 PM

  Previous versions of sbeme's message #11243446 « Design Image / Slogan ... »