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Russ Isabella
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Re: first attempt at Gymnastics

Clarence: Good to see your gymnastics images! I can\'t speak to the question of what sells at this level. I would imagine that anything with a face has potential, and I wouldn\'t expect girls (and their families) at this level to be as concerned with perfect form as is the case with NCAA athletes--they don\'t want to see anything that shows even the slightest break in form. Looks like a challenging environment you\'re dealing with here, and I always have maintained that the higher the level of performance, the easier the job of the photographer, so that\'s another relative challenge you are facing with these athletes. (So with #s 5 and 18 for example, I\'m inclined to say you missed the peak of her jump, but I recognize it\'s possible this IS the peak of her jump!)

Personally, it\'s the rare image missing body parts that I would consider a high-level keeper. But with a shot like your #1, I can see why parents would be interested in buying this image, so we really have two different sets of criteria if we consider \"what will sell?\" and \"what\'s a strong gymnastics image?\" Working from the latter set of criteria (as they live in my mind), I see #4 as a strong image apart from the cut toes (and I\'d go with a 2x3 aspect ratio, but I assume your crops are for sale purposes); I kinda like #8 but the missing leg and the fact your focus isn\'t nailed to her face leave me wondering about this one; #11 probably is a very strong shot for this level; #13 is your strongest image in my book (great form, good timing, again with a preference for a slightly more narrow crop); 14, 15, 19 and 22 (with the last two cropped much tighter to the athlete) are good. I\'m less fond of #7 (facial expression doesn\'t work), 9 (nothing about this one speaks to me), 10 (really awkward an un-flattering), 16 and 23 (not enough of the athlete) and 20, which may be just fine for this level, but for me seems to capture an awkward, relatively un-athletic moment in the routine. (I guess any images not mentioned fall somewhere in between .)

You definitely are right about this being a challenging sport to photograph, with the challenges differing by level, as already mentioned. In my case, I have these phenomenal athletes to work with and the pressure to catch them at their absolute best and most stunning. Obviously your challenges are quite different, and I hope you\'ll shoot more so that we can follow your progress. Thanks for posting.

Jan 04, 2013 at 08:47 PM

  Previous versions of Russ Isabella's message #11241744 « first attempt at Gymnastics »