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Steve Wylie wrote:

If on the other hand, it\'s more of a portfolio site, then that message conveys more of a path of growth you\'re on, so okay, but again it\'s still not a message I\'d be comfortable with. It\'s humble, so is that the first impression you want to make?

Hmmm ... not so sure @ humble/lacking confidence ... mostly \"serious\" (but not arrogant).

If you want to tell your story, do so on another page, not the home screen.
Better place for my philosophy ... IF ... someone is interested enough to look. Hmmm.

Final point, technically: I\'d simply lower the opacity of your text layer to 85%. As it is, it\'s a bit hot.
+1 @ draft/wip

Hope this helps.

+1 ... it does.

Does this wording change convey the message differently?
Thinking promo / business card usage where it is a \"single shot\" only.

We never really achieve \"perfection\" ... we simply choose when we have \"finished\" working it any further.

Jan 04, 2013 at 06:20 PM

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