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Eyeball wrote:

- Slogans are always a tricky thing. My normal first thought on this type of thing for a photograper is: A picture is worth a thousand words; is it really critical that you add another seven?

Sometimes you gotta help the viewer a bit more than you otherwise would think. Generally this is where a tight crop, selective focus, etc. comes in to play to help guide them to your message. If my message was targeted toward the folks here ... no words would be necessary. But for the mainstream, they don\'t seem to make the connection as readily.

After that my over-analytical side kicks in and questions \"Is perfection an art or an aspect of it? \". I know the phrase is used but when you think about it, doesn\'t \"The perfection of art\" make more sense?

That kinda goes back to our discussions at the definition of \"art\" ... in one regard it is the object produced. In another regard, it is the skill being utilized in the execution of a given task. While the task is to produce \"art\", it is the (hopeful aspiration) skillful efforts that work toward perfection (as if it were ever possible).

\"Developing the necessary skills to produce creative art to levels of perfection is an undertaking that is never fully achieved ... thus we must accept and embrace this notion of perpetuity at \'never finished\' as we continue to grow.\"

Yeah, philosophical hogwash to many. But to the masters of yore, it was an inherent truth they instilled into their apprentices (regardless of craft). That is something that I believe strongly @ \"old school\" and has been greatly lost by many through our marvelous technological advances. But, that is a bit more than seven words.

Also, it appears that you are going for some \"visual word play\" between the slogan and the image. For me though, the image sends me the opposite vibe of the slogan. That wing is the \"finishing touch\" of both the car and the image.

+1 ... which hopefully serves as a prompt to \"reverse thinking\" at what level of effort and workmanship must have occurred in order to make such an artful car.

Of course, you can make a case that it is exactly this type of incongruity that can catch peoples\' eyes. You just never know in the marketing/ad world.

+1 @ could go either way.
I think I\'m trying to convey a message that makes them \"think\" ... (yeah, good luck with that).

You knew what you were going to get when you posted the query in THIS forum.

Which is EXACTLY why I asked you guys.
Bring it on ... you guys rock with much goodness in spirit and integrity ... \"Iron Sharpens Iron\".

Seriously though, hopefully our comments will help you reflect on and refine YOUR vision.

They always have ... and they always will. Hopefully, others can say the same of my comments that I offer up in the forum as well.

You\'re never going to please everybody.

Amen to that.

But, I think my objective for this piece is not to be trying to \"please\" anyone ... but rather to offer an introductory \"visual explanation\" of myself (philosophically), on a few different levels.

Beyond that ... my words (in person) and other images (on line) will continue to expand things for further understanding.

Not sure if any of that helps make more sense of things (as if) ... but, your C&C remains highly valued whether or I not I made much sense to anyone along the way.

Jan 04, 2013 at 03:11 PM

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