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Mr Mouse
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Re: Converting 3.2 aspect ratio to 4;3 with horizontal bands.

RustyBug wrote:
The easiest thing (imo) is to just go to Image>Canvas Size and multiply the pixels on the short side by a percentage. It will automatically put equal bands on each side of your image (assuming you leave it centered) or you can slide it off-center for a single band. You can set them to any color you want through the picker or just use the Black, Gray, or White preset.

2:3 ... multiply the 2 by 200% ... becomes 4:3
3:2 ... multiply the 2 by 112.5% ... becomes 3:2.25 (which is 4:3)

Canvas size only allows for integers, so for the 112.5% you can simply multiply that on the calculator and insert that number as the new pixel value. Same goes for the 200%, but that\'s one that you can often do in your head anyway (when working from original file size) to set the pixel value.

First you would need to verify the image\'s original aspect ratio is 2:3 or 3:2 then use the canvas size calulations you did for the 2:3 portrait aspect ratio where you increassed the images canvas width 200% or the 3:2 landscape Aspect Ratio where you increase the images canvas height by 112.5%. Once you verify the 2:3 Portrait and 3:2 Landscape its always 200% width increase for the portraits and a 112.5% hieght increase for the landscape that are required to produce the final 4:3 landscale output aspect ratio.

I don\'t know the op still hard for me to beleive that every image he has, has a 3:2 landscape aspect ratio like they wrote. Even composing in camera by moving the camera location and changins focal length etc it hard to comprehend that the op has never crops or takes a portrait. That is why I wrote the script for him.

The advantage of using the script I wrote is that it will automaticly handle any Aspect Ratio images thrown at it, The Script will add the required borders to the sides or top and bottom to produce the desired output aspect ratio regardless of the original images aspect ratio. The script compairs the images aspect ratios to the desires canvas aspect ratio to determont if the camvas needs to be added to the sides or the top and bottom. Once it knows that the script can calulate the canvas size needed using the size of side not being changed and the desired Aspect ratio.

Jan 03, 2013 at 01:27 PM

  Previous versions of Mr Mouse's message #11237897 « Converting 3.2 aspect ratio to 4;3 with horizontal bands. »