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Re: Jump on this 24-105L deal?

Gochugogi wrote:
cputeq wrote:
70-200 versatile? I dunno about that. I\'d hardly call a 2.85x zoom \"versatile.\"

Great for events, portraits and compressed landscapes? Sure I\'ll give you that, but I\'m not sure many people would consider it a \"walk-around\", whether crop or FF body.

Then again, you gotta realize a LOT of photography is purely subjective. Maybe some people really do like walking around with a long, incredibly conspicuous white lens hanging off their camera as a walk-around - I guess if the bulk/weight didn\'t bother you, and you took a lot of event-like shots, portraits, and compressed landscapes, it would be perfect .

Me, I\'d probably use something like a 24-105, which seems much more of a walk-around solution IMO, whether crop or FF body.

I use an EF 70-200 4L IS USM as a walk around very frequently on my 5D2. It\'s actually a small lens and only a wee bit longer than my 24-105L, but a lot smaller in diameter. The 24-105 is 670g whereas the 70-200 is 760g, so I can barely feel the difference in weight. My 70-200 is not white but, instead, is somewhere between light gray and off-white. I often shoot in dense urban locations--Honolulu waterfront and harbor--and nobody gives me a second look and it is certainly not more conspicuous than my 24-105 with hood.

Noted, which is why I typed what I did - you\'re apparently one of those photographers Also, I realize the f/4 is lighter/smaller than the 2.8, which may or may not be the version specified by the OP?

I would also venture to say it really depends on where you\'re shooting as to whether a certain combo looks conspicuous.

Take for instance your location vs mine. You\'re in dense, urban Honolulu -- frankly, a generally touristy area and certainly one having plenty of photographers. Meaning, more than likely, the people are accustomed to see white (or light grey or off-white or whatever color one choose to call) Canon lenses.

Now consider where I currently live - Shreveport, LA. Yes, there are a lot of movies shot here, and while we\'re not exactly a 3rd-world type of location, seeing a large camera and white lens walk around is extremely attention-getting. When I shot with my DSLR / 70-200 combo, people made it a point to move out of my way all the time because they thought I was either on a pro shoot or with the news...then they\'d start looking for what I could have been possibly interested in with such a huge rig, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Jan 03, 2013 at 03:59 AM

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