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Re: i7 3770 vs 3820 for photoshop?

It has the 635W or something for $35 more. Keep in mind that Dell\'s workstation class boxes use 90% efficient PSUs so 400W is like a 550 or 600W in their (or another brand\'s) consumer boxes.

IMO the caches and busses on a system are more critical for video and image editing. If the 2012/13 models are true to even the year prior\'s then their workstation class MB architecture will MORE than make up for the teensy differences in clocks. Additionally overclocking means over-cooling. Unless you\'re running water-cooling that means over-noise and this also means all the grills, vents, fins, ports and so on get plugged up with lint is rather short order. Overclocking IMHO is for kiddy gamers.

If it were me on a budget I\'d get the cheapest 6-core with the least amount of non-ecc RAM and the smallest HDD. 3TB HDDs are available for about $125 to $150 now and 3rd party RAM is dirt cheap last I looked. Let\'s see if I can post a configuration:

Four Core XEON (E5-1620, 3.6GHz) w/635W PSU: $1,068
Six Core XEON (E5-1650, 3.2GHz) w/635W PSU: $1,523

Anyway, I was just thinking that they\'re more future-proofed besides being more robust architecturally. It\'s always worked that way for me anyway.

With a high spec consumer-class brand-box I usually need to replace it in about 2 years.
With a home made high-spec gammer box I usually need to replace it in about 3 years.
With a mid-range Workstation class machine I usually want to replace it in about 5 years (but end up waiting 6).

Jan 01, 2013 at 11:14 PM

  Previous versions of Bifurcator's message #11233703 « i7 3770 vs 3820 for photoshop? »