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Older Fossil
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Re: Bosque del Apache Info Request


Here are my $0.02. I think Nov., Dec. and Jan are the best months for BdA. January can get pretty chilly. If a major storm rolls through you'll probably have snow. Around mid Feb. the wintering birds start to leave. Long and fast glass seems to be the preferred lenses here, but I've gotten some good images with a 7D and 400mm f/5.6. A wider zoom is useful for scenery and fields full of birds. We usually spend time driving slowly around the loop roads looking for different wildlife. It seems like you never know what might show up. If there are large flocks of birds in one of the fields or ponds we'll stop and watch for a while. There are a few favorite places for dawn mass launches. Best to find out where the birds are spending the nights and position yourself before dawn. This seems to be different every time we are there. There are good shots to be found any time of day, but the best light is usually early and late in the day. We bring our motorhome and Jeep and stay at Birdwatchers RV at the north edge of the reserve. The best best for motel rooms is in Socorro about 20 miles north.

Hope this helps,

Dec 31, 2012 at 05:33 PM

  Previous versions of Older Fossil's message #11230318 « Bosque del Apache (photos added) »