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ben egbert
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Re: Photography Tutorials

For my type of photography, the beauty of the scene is primary. If its good, I will probably get an image. It seems to me when I am on scene that the composition is dictated by the scene and its limits. The only variables is to stand in the 3-4 possible places and use various focal lengths. The rest is technique. I demonstrated this several times.

The problem is, great scenes are rare. 99% or more will have poor light or drama. Even then, some scenes are just more boring than others. Often enough leading lines and other fufaral are not available. Maybe this is why we have icons. They being the few photogenic places on earth.

The cures for this is to take other types of subjects. But why unless you are shooting commercially? Or to dramatize it in post. Nothing wrong with any of these options but it is not who I am.

I probably use compositional rules subconscieously by how I select a scene. I often shoot a scene I know at the time is less than ideal in this regard. But it is what it is. However, I note that when you have some drop dead gorgeous sunset, all the rules are ignored and the image works.

I still think the rules are mostly invoked after the fact to analyze why an image works or does not work. This does not mean the taker could have done something different on scene other than leave the camera in the bag.

Dec 30, 2012 at 05:13 PM

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