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ben egbert
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Re: Clone this moon in.

Hi Jim. The illumination is lighter near the moon and radiates to dark as it goes away from the moon. This is in addition to the flare itself. So any area you choose as a clone sample will not be the same illumination where you add the patch.

This is not obvious so much until you start working it at 100%.

The free transform tool is a good way to fill large areas. But it causes stretch marks if there is any non uniformity. I assume the non uniformity is noise. I did not run NR before I started using it and would have probably had better results had I done so.

Adding noise and then running NR is just a trick I learned a year or so ago to make uneven sky's more uniform. It works pretty good and even had I used NR at the start, would probably still need it at the end.

These low light shots are noisy, even at ISO100.

But I have never seen your noise trick so I am going to try it. How do you contract? Never heard that term. Is it a resize? I had the sky selected as a first step.

Dec 28, 2012 at 07:29 PM

  Previous versions of ben egbert's message #11223240 « Clone this moon in. »