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ben egbert
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Clone this moon in.

RustyBug wrote:
That\'s not really the moon flare you\'re seeing ... its just a byproduct of my quick/lazy effort at using the healing brush to let it render the moonless sky. I likely should have cloned instead or gone over it with some blur to smooth it out, etc.

If you look at my 100% crop of the long exposure, you will see the flare. It is hard to get it removed evenly as you and Jim suppose. First the area with flare is large. Second, the sky is not uniform so any clone/patch will show edges.

I just did it over and here are the steps. First make a sky only layer.

1. Use the content aware fill to remove the moon.
2. Use the crop tool to select a large rectangular area to the left and use free transform to drag it to the center of the moon.
3. Do the same from the right.
4. Use the clone tool or content aware file to repair local areas.

The fixed area has drag marks from the free transform. Maybe I should have used NR first. But here is what you do to make the sky more uniform.

1. Add noise. I added about 3%.
2. Use NR to fix it. I used Topaz heaviest noise.

Kent\'s trick for putting the moon back in from the well exposed moon is slick and only takes a moment. I had a moon of the right size and location taken moments before so it did not require Jim\'s trick which is how I did it the first time around.

But first I worked on it a bit. I ran a light nr then a slight sharpen. Then I just added it to the light image as a lighter color and it came in perfect.

Here is my redo.

But the hard work is fixing the sky on the light version. Just a clone does not cut it. Try for yourself on the 100% crops.

Dec 28, 2012 at 06:15 PM

  Previous versions of ben egbert's message #11223089 « Clone this moon in. »