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Re: Pink... (a bit NSWF) ;)

This is just an opinion not a critic...
I agree with Wobble on technical aspect and can understand where is Lee coming from. Lets just keep in mind that models can be vary in their looks. You might photograph 40 years old woman who will be looking 20-ish or 25 years old girl who looks like teenager.
Here is my personal perception of this particular image. Technically photographer could have done much better job. I took my time to flip through his work on Flikr and can tell that he has some very noteworthy work done in the past and hopefully in future. Model is lovely young girl who is very uncomfortable posing the way she does. She looks scared and uncertain of outcome. Composition in whole is not pleasant. I can see this photo as an attempt to achieve certain look, but I wouldn\'t keep it. I doubt that model herself going to like it.

All above said with respect to everyone\'s opinion.

Dec 22, 2012 at 12:57 PM

  Previous versions of Achilles2010's message #11210313 « Pink... (a bit NSWF) ;) »