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friscoron wrote:
misty23 wrote:
That\'s it ? No mention of the freckles on her chest or stray hair out of place ? \"Plastered\", really ?

sorry, but I\'ve got to defend firstgear here. If you don\'t want c&c, you really should make a point of saying so when you post the picture. If you do want c&c, you probably should just ignore the things that you don\'t agree with, as opposed to making a point of questioning it like you did here. If you do want c&c, a lot of people are probably going to hold back or not say anything at all.

While we may or may not agree with the hand being plastered on the leg, there is clearly a crease along her left leg from the dress that could have easily been fixed in post. At least give firsthand a nod for pointing that out to you.

But if you don\'t want c&c and just want to impress us that you\'re shooting some really gorgeous young women, that\'s fine, too. You\'ll get plenty of ppl to let you know you\'re doing a great job.

So making subjects \"photoshop perfect\" is the preference here ? Reality isn\'t welcome ? Oh that\'s right, this is the digital age, reality doesn\'t exist. Ahh for the good old days of medium format film and untouched prints.

Dec 21, 2012 at 04:11 AM

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