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ben egbert
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help with sky color

Hi Jim, I have been showing blue sky shots all year, for the most part that\'s all I have gotten. The only shots that have received any approval have been sunrise/sunset with lots of color. These have all been local shots.

Sure I can take stuff for myself, but I can\'t even get my family to like them. I don\'t hang a picture my wife does not like.

I agree that this scene is not very interesting, but I sure do like the Patriarchs. But no light there until mid morning. I actually like the moonlight version of this but nobody else did.

Also I probably love these great slabs of rock more than most people. We have talked about that before.

I tried some intimate shots of Zion fall foliage and it went over like a lead balloon. Fact is I did not like them myself. I think a prerequisite for certain types of scenery is to like the scenery to start with.

Of course I do like a fall tree in red, but it has to be possible to capture the entire tree with pleasing background, but better yet an entire grove on a hillside with a great sky. A single leaf or a part of a tree does not work for me.

I do like mid morning sky\'s with white clouds or storm clouds. Does not need to be end of day. But its hard to make do with blue skys.

Edit. I would print and hang an image like this if I could get one.

Dec 20, 2012 at 07:45 PM

  Previous versions of ben egbert's message #11206454 « help with sky color »