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Re: Getting started with lighting for portrait and weddings

moresnowdays wrote: ...What I would like to do is get a basic, economical, setup to learn more about portrait/studio lighting. Hopefully a kit that would be portable enough to use in different locations and have some practical use for weddings. Trouble is when it comes to lighting equipment I don\'t really know where to start.

I suggest starting with Speedlites. Many will tell you that \"portraits\" and \"studio\" require monolights or even pack-and-head strobes, but I think since you mentioned wedding work as a primary function, the portablility of Speedlites trumps the versatility of strobes. (I know there are battery packs for some strobes, but I still think Speedlites are a better place to start.

Before buying any gear, I\'d suggest getting some books that go over photographic lighting both in general and specifically for portraits and weddings.

In my order of recommendation:

(How to make flash photography not look like a typical flash snapshot.)


(All about gear and techniques.)

Once you\'ve lived with the above two for a while:

(The sequel to the first book, with more on getting professional-looking results; this time with multiple flash.)

BTW, in case you\'re not aware, many of the same kinds of light modifiers that are used with strobes are available for Speedlites. Here\'s a shot of some of my gear, which includes a 28-inch Apollo soft box (soft light for portraits), 11-inch RPS BeautiDish with grid (accent light), 45-inch Photoflex umbrella (group light for wedding formals), and -- in the second photo -- 20-inch RPS BeautiDish (crisp key light for portraits).


Dec 15, 2012 at 04:10 PM

  Previous versions of BrianO's message #11193553 « Getting started with lighting for portrait and weddings »