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ben egbert
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How far should you go?

This post is inspired by some of the comments on my other post. The question is how far should we alter or augment an image? I suppose an auxiliary question would be how much we should disclose about the alterations.

I posted an image here last summer and after we got done with it, we had added a sky taken a few minutes later to a foreground. You may recognize the sky in the example.

When I was at Zion, I got what I thought was a very nice image of the Watchman. When I got home, I processed this and a few dozen others from the two nights I was at this scene. I wondered what it would look like with a great sky? I tried the sky from last summer and got the attached results.

I am sure some of you here could improve the processing, but I think the inclusion of the sky took the image from pretty good to very good. I also think the sky fits nicely and meets the plausible criteria.

But I personally canít show this on a forum as an original. Nor will I print it. My goal is to keep going back to Zion every November until I get a real version similar to this.

I have no special honor to maintain for I am an unknown who is neither selling nor competing. Itís more about the chase.

Dec 14, 2012 at 04:16 PM

  Previous versions of ben egbert's message #11191147 « How far should you go? »