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Re: Sony RX1 FF Mirrorless (fixed lens)

Makten wrote:
carstenw wrote:
Does the Voigtländer viewfinder have framelines?

Yes, it\'s one frame for 35 mm which I\'d guess shows like ~85-90% of what the camera sees at 2-3 meters distance. A nice thing with having the viewfinder in the hotshoe is that parallax is only vertically, which is not the case with a Leica M camera. This will let you compose quite tricky scenes accurately regarding perspective.

sebboh wrote:
sweet! can you let us know how you decide to configure the camera best for manual focus? if i get one i\'m sure i\'ll use it almost exclusively in mf.

Of course! But I don\'t understand why you would use MF if you don\'t have to. I\'ll only use it in low light, when AF is out of the question.

A really great thing is the MF ring and its functioning. If you turn it fast, focus will go from MFD to infinity with one or two quick turns (totally like 270 degrees or less), while it changes to precision if you move it slowly.

That is such a massively big deal for me. Huge. I\'m so fired of the fly by wire 100 turns bullsh..I\'m super flag to hear that.

I\'m also int he was position. I just need to get off my backside. I have three L le she\'s to sell and a nex system. And maybe an rx100. We will see. It may be a good secomd cam when carrying an possibly needing a zoom.

But really I mostly want to just get down to 24-70ii and 70-200 !! On my 5d2. And probably keep one 35L selling the 35,24,135 nex 5n contax 28/45 next kit and 50mm.

Cleaning house. I\'ve been tracking what I use. I\'m not a collector.

Dec 12, 2012 at 12:46 AM

  Previous versions of h00ligan's message #11183925 « Sony RX1 FF Mirrorless (Original 2012 thread) »