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Re: 6D or D600 So Unsure...

AGeoJO wrote:
jamesf99 wrote:
and it's a big BUT - all things being equal, the DR discrepancy between Nikon-Canon has been validated over and over.

I don't want to make this another Canon vs Nikon thread, like so many before. So, I will just leave it at that and you are entitled to your opinion, of course.

Uhhhhh. I'm confused... This thread **** IS **** about Nikon vs. Canon. Please read the title.

Judging from your comment about me being "entitled to my opinion" - which is only said when someone doesn't agree - I have to wonder why you'd even state that. Of course it's my opinion, and it's an informed opinion based on what I've seen, 13 years of Canon digital use, and many decades of Canon film use.

Everyone here is voicing their opinion. Your disagreement is nothing more than your opinion. Of course you have the right to an opinion, even if I don't share it.

I clearly qualified my answer, and I'm pretty sure that I'm right, but if you have evidence to the contrary, I'm willing to listen/read, even if it goes against everything I've seen.

Dec 11, 2012 at 05:14 PM

  Previous versions of jamesf99's message #11182691 « 6D or D600 So Unsure... »