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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

leighton w wrote:

rafaelcasd wrote:
The samples are from the 28mm 2.0 ais, I own three: the ais. an NC and an N, the N I ruined in a botched ai conversion. The NC has the same center sharpness as the ais but the corners are softer, overall very similar rendering, much better looking barrel with the knurled focus ring that tapers to the tip. Here are the lenses on an F2 and a Nikomat FTN, note the F2 is smaller. (Taken with 180mm 2.8 ai, and 35mm 1.4 ais on D3)

Rafael, you have some beautiful looking gear.

Thank you Leighton and Georg, it took many years to pull it together, bought it all used, luckily MF prices took a big dip in cost in the 90\'s and 00\'s. An unfortunate side of our sharing the enjoyment of MF Nikkors is that the prices now just keep rising, although bargains can still be found.
Nikon should make an F2 Digital, the counter to the M9 in reflex design, no AF, minimal electronics to make an FX Sensor work, Split prism focusing - $3K price, it would sell like F2\'s.
The photo below was taken atop a hotel in SF using the mm 2.0 N that I ruined at 2.8 long time ago, on Velvia.

coit by Rafael CA, on Flickr

Dec 09, 2012 at 07:00 PM

  Previous versions of rafaelcasd's message #11177488 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »