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Re: Boudoir - tactic for insecurity

she was really tiny, but had trouble seeing that as she had been heavier in the past

In all of western civilization, there is not a woman who thinks she is thin enough or who likes the way she looks. Not one. Some are open to the suggestion that they are beautiful, and those are the ones we as photographers can work with. But generally speaking, for every one who even acts like she\'s comfortable with her body, there are millions who aren\'t.

I don\'t believe this is something you can fight. It\'s a no win situation for you. I think you would have been better off letting her out of the shoot with a simple \"If you don\'t want to do this, we don\'t do it.\"

Given that she used to be heavier, I\'d be willing to bet that in the past, her husband has made her feel pretty miserable when it comes to the way she looks. He may still be doing it. If that\'s the case, you\'re toast.

Personally, I think any photographer is better off backing away from anything a client is not comfortable doing, regardless of how much money has already been spent on location rentals, MUAs/hairstylists, assistants, etc. It\'s just better business -- you cannot afford to develop a reputation as a photographer who tries to push women into things they don\'t want to do -- they will misinterpret what you\'re trying to do as \"he keep trying to make me take my clothes off.\"

Hopefully you charge a large enough non-refundable deposit to pay your expenses.

If a woman changes her mind and doesn\'t want to do something, blow it off, and let it go.

Just my 2.

Dec 06, 2012 at 12:16 PM

  Previous versions of donrisi's message #11169864 « Boudoir - tactic for insecurity »