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Ed Swift
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External Monitor vs laptop?

Hi All,

Looking for some advice regarding monitor calibration and using an external screen vs laptop.

I've just had a calendar back with a variety of prints, some of which are darker than on my screen at home. I'm going to check the luminance and set up a couple of lights for checking prints as suggested here:

However I was wondering if a dedicated monitor which never moves could be a good idea too. It will allow me to still sit and edit on the sofa if i want, but then plug into the monitor to double check.

I'd also plan to calibrate both, however have tried the manual tools on the laptop (i.e. "you should be able to see all the shades of black/white boxes" etc) but find some settings just don't go low/high enough. As such i was wondering if buying a "cheap" monitor such as the one below would really be worth it, or is the same situation likely to arise?


Many thanks or any advice?


Dec 04, 2012 at 01:49 PM

  Previous versions of Ed Swift's message #11164805 « External Monitor vs laptop? »