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Double-Crib Log Barn

Built in the 1870\'s, this is believed to be one of Spokane\'s oldest structures.
The roof collapsed in the winter of 08, and the structure was rebuilt.
The barn includes two ventilated storage areas separated by a breezeway that functioned as a grain threshing floor.
Can\'t believe I just discovered this gem last week!
Hope you enjoy the pic.

Edit - Not that I should be sharing my personal life on the internet, but I\'ve been pretty absent here for quite some time with a very sick spouse. It took over a year, but yesterday we seem to have finally been blessed with our own version of Dr. House. My wife\'s heart condition and kidney condition are now more specifically diagnosed and set for treatment. It\'s been hell, I tell you! I\'ve been playing nurse and helpmeet in my free time. Anyhow, I hope to be back shooting more and posting more again here!
There you go. More than you ever wanted or needed to know about me, ha-ha!

Nov 30, 2012 at 01:22 AM

  Previous versions of T-bone1's message #11154306 « Double-Crib Log Barn »