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Canon 6D. Anybody in the Alt world interested?

Am I the only one in here that is \"patiently\" awaiting real reviews and tests of this camera?

I\'ve drifted away from CaNikon as neither was providing me exactly what i want, or really even that close to what i want, at a price i can \"afford\" (haha!).

D600: Dust problems? Seems to have a more D800 layout than D700/7000. I thought the D7k was perfect, outside of sensor size. Not sure- might be what I\'m looking for.
D700: My fav stills camera of all time, but I wanted video.
D800(e): Can\'t afford it, no need for those files, not sure if the controls would be my cup of tea.
D7000: Awesome camera, but I wanted more sensor real estate haha.

5D(C): Still a good stills camera, and a great value- but no vid.
5DII: Dated controls, AF, sensor/processing, poor video implementation. DO NOT LIKE.
1DS: Might as well shoot film.
1DSII: Needz moar vid.
5DIII: Can not afford.

I initially shot Canon for the longest time, but found myself much more comfortable with the Nikon controls and interfaces. OTOH, i really miss certain things about Canon- like ease of adapting, certain native lenses.
I think the 6D may be what I\'ve been looking for. Basically a Digital Elan 7.... it is ENOUGH camera, around a most likely good sensor.

Nov 29, 2012 at 02:07 PM

  Previous versions of ISO1600's message #11152859 « Canon 6D. Interest? I got mine :D »