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Re: Avignon

I like the vibrancy reduction changes (maybe some selective areas could tolerate a pinch here or there should you like). I think I\'m torn at the cloning ... I like the people in it, but not the cars. Removing both makes it a bit \"clinical\", whereas the people add a certain (dare I say) \"je ne sais quoi\" to its mood and message of being such a lovely place.

At the risk of sounding \"cheesy\" ... I could explore / entertain deftly moving this one toward a painterly / watercolor vibe (judiciously, of course), reminiscent of \"old world\" artisan works (once the cars are gone) into a classic, timeless realm ... it is very close that \"as is\", so it would only be a very gentle / selective nudge (if at all).

Either way, you\'ve got a nice shot here ... take your time with it and beyond the obvious \"Hey, that\'s a nice pic.\" ... ask yourself what is the mood/point/message that you want to convey to your viewer (I lobby for the people enjoying the beauty and serenity of such a special place) for your direction regarding finishing touches / final revisions, etc. You might let it sit for a bit, so it can resonate in your mind where you want to take the nuance.

Diggin\' it.

Nov 28, 2012 at 01:06 PM

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