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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Hard to keep up with you fellow MF-Nikkor-shooters!
Some random notes about the last pots:

Ray, very nice work with your new 1.4-Nikkors. The shark is completely awesome - fantastic shot!

Jose, most impressive shot of the moon! Congrats to your 135/2 - the sunset-pano looks fantastic!

Ben, welcome back! Love the cruiseship taken with the 50/1.8 for the reasons Scott explained so nicely.
The \"Gatorade-image\" is brilliant as a modern landscape-shot!

Philippe, very cool street art- and modern art-pictures!

Bert, very nice portraits - great to see a photographer who is a painter as well!

Ian, I really like your scottish landscapes.

John, lovely and lively portraits of your daughters!

Samy, great shot of the moon! The birdfeeder-image is very nice too.

Monty, that picture of Rocky behind a modern painting is fantastic!

Chuong, I\'ll join the chorus: the candlelight-picture is stellar!

Alan, very cool story behind your beautiful pano from McGregor!

Laura, impressive detail on the wine bottle taken with the 50/1.2 on the V1!
I\'m still learning on how to use this camera properly, but at least some of my early results are promising (this is strictly confidential, because it doesn\'t belong to this thread, but I\'ve had a blast with the V1 on my AF-S 200/2 ;-).

Americo, very, very nice bokeh-play!

Chin, fabulous stitch of the hotel! I was tempted to ask if you\'ve used a nodal-point-thingie from a tripod, but read that it was taken hand-held. Impressive - my stitches never come out so nicely...

Ron, love the story behind your portrait of your brother in law! Very nice shot of the feathered visitor!

Mark, very nice street-scene from the Marktgasse!

James, thanks for sharing your 24/28-comparison!

Philip, love your way to work with the 50/1.2! The Chinatown-cook is a wonderful picture!

Jeff, great set from your family! The picture of your wife drawing is wonderful.

Tony, fantastic set from the park!

Matt, cool portrait of Brandon in front of the christmas tree!

Kevin, love the nighshot of the cooling tower!

Jimmy, I like your marvellous macro-photographs a lot!

Nov 27, 2012 at 01:47 AM

  Previous versions of georgms's message #11146757 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »