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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

rankamateur wrote:
One of the members of my local camera club asked in an email forum about the Costco deal on the D600.(D600- 16-85 and 70-300 I believe) The person who does all equipment reviews answered. \"The Nikon D600 needs good glass,not a kit lens. B&H has a complete selection of recent Nikon lenses.\" He says the same thing about the D800. \"you must have the finest latest Nikon glass to take advantage of all the megapixels\"

Hi Ron. I would be interested to get your take on this ... what do you think? Are these people talking rubbish?

I just can\'t see it but perhaps I\'m not as picky. When I bought my D800E, the guys in the shop were saying, you will really need to use excellent lenses now ... blah, blah ... but all of my MF and AF lenses work perfectly fine with it and I don\'t see much of a difference. It seems a ploy to upsell more expensive lenses.

And on the flip side ... I have noticed that lenses like the 50/1.2 & 180/2.8 are actually sharper wide open !!!

I posted this before, but I\'d like to use it as a reference to the D800E and the 180 wide open. To me this is actually better than my D700 with the same lens. These older beauties have no issue with increased res. The second is a 100% crop taken wide open from a fair distance away ... I couldn\'t dream of asking for any better.

I still think 99% of the time this talk of using better lenses is to make us buy more

DSC_2443.Jackie.Sam.180mm by deang0001, on Flickr

DSC_2443.Sam.100.Percent.Crop.180mm by deang0001, on Flickr

Nov 19, 2012 at 11:03 PM

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