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Re: Windows 8

abqnmusa wrote:
virus that infect Windows 7 infect Windows 8
the big design flaw that Microsoft cannot fix
that keeps me off windows
been there done that

Any system that is connected to the internet or accesses data from other machines connected to the internet are vulnerable. This includes machines running Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac OS. Windows gets the most attention because a majority of personal computers run on Windows. Also, most computer users are not very tech savvy, do not run or maintain virus protection software, will click on random links or visit unsavory websites, and ignore UAC messages even if it is turned on without having any idea of the risks involved.

That being said, it is fairly easy to avoid malware infection by using common sense practices:

1. Use av/antimalware software and make sure it updates automatically. Also keep your OS up to date with current security patches.
2. Do not click on links (from known or unknown senders) if you don\'t know where the link will take you. Do not run executable files if you are not sure what it does (warez).
3. Do not use the admin account as your daily driver. In Windows/Unix/Linux it is trivially easy to run programs with elevated privileges when needed without being logged in as admin.
4. Use a router as a firewall and keep its firmware up to date.
5. Use strong passwords to protect your accounts.

I can\'t remember the last time I had a machine infected at home, Windows, Unix or Linux. Over the last year or more I have also been using Linux (or Win) virtual machines to connect to the internet, which keeps my activities confined to a secure sandbox. While these measures do not guarantee 100% security, they remove a majority of common threats that exist today, and vastly decrease the odds of your system getting compromised. Its not really a Windows problem, its a user problem.

Nov 19, 2012 at 12:41 PM

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