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135 or 70-200 f4 for ski touring

I wonder what other outdoor photographers are using when out on skis?
I'm headed for ski week at a backcountry hut in Canada, with a group of twelve skiers.

I'm committed to carrying my 7D, or sometimes the 5D for landscape. I also intend to shoot action,
with other skiers in my group. I've been told the 70-200 2.8 is the go-to lens, but it's too big & heavy IMHO, so I've had both versions of the f4, with excellent results. It's long, but lays against the body and can be toured with. After a while, it's big lens to have dangle off your body.

I like the smaller form factor of the 135 when hiking or skiing, but miss the zoom and reach of the 70-200/4 is.
I've certainly carried both with only the support of an OpTek strap. I have not tried the Cotton Carrier system. Anyone have experience with CC Strapshot ?

My goal here is to trim down my ski package as light as I can. Right now I'm planning a 7D with 35 f2 for walkabout, and either the 135 or 70-200. I also may borrow a Canon 10-22 which I have before to get a better wide than the 35 will deliver on the 7D.

I'll be hut based for a week, so can have other back up bodies and lenses to choose from, so I may bring it all and sort it out there!

Nov 18, 2012 at 07:59 AM

  Previous versions of lighthawk's message #11125233 « 135 or 70-200 f4 for ski touring »